Doritos: The End is nigh

Snack brand Doritos is one of the few brands that has latched onto user generated content in any meaningful way, with its ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ competition (in collaboration with Pepsi Max) gaining massive PR traction and harnessing some genuinely creative and innovative advertising results.

The brand is once again extending a creative contest, this time to consumers in Canada, inviting them to write the last 20 seconds of a commercial it has developed. The ad introduces two new flavours to the market Flavour A (Onion Rings N’ Ketchup) and Flavour B (Buffalo Wings N’ Ranch), but only one will make it to retail with the other destroyed.  How it is destroyed is up to the general public, as they attempt to 'Write the End'

Participants have 400 characters (a mini epic to those used to penning Twitter updates) to get their message across, and submissions can be “exciting, scary, dramatic or comedic”. All submissions will appear on the accompanying website  within 24 hours.

What is particularly interesting with regards to this competition is the prize pot. For developing the closing section of the new commercial one winner will net themselves $25,000. All well and good. However, that is not all, in addition to the lump sum they will also secure themselves 1% of the profits from the sale of the new flavour, so it pays to pick wisely between the two.

Furthermore, the winner will also become part of the ‘Doritos Think Tank’, netting themselves three days in Toronto providing ideas for future Doritos projects,

Is working alongside a brand - essentially offering up the opportunity for consumers to step into the role of creative partner, much like Lady Gaga has done for Polaroid or has for Intel - set to become the next wave of lucrative and aspirational prizes for consumers?

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