Dos Equis: Feast of the Brave

Dos Equis, the Mexican beer band that piped all other global beer brands to be the first to net 1 million likes on Facebook (800,000 of them signing up in 2010) has turned its attention to feeding its avid supporters.

Last time we caught up with the brand it was rolling out a modern take on the touring freakshow, and this time Dos Equis is touring the streets of New York to serve up a literal taster of the brand's campaign message.

The brand has spent the last few weeks offering up specially prepared, and entirely free Mexican delicacies from its ‘Feast of the Brave’ taco truck. Continuing its ‘most interesting’ theme these tacos are filled with a host of intriguing, and sometimes downright disgusting, foodstuffs, such as grasshopper, cow tongue, veal brain and ostrich.

"We weren't satisfied with simply branding a food truck. We needed to make an impact that was truly 'Dos Equis,'" said Senior Brand Director Paul Smailes. "Everything we did from the truck branding to the fillings is about being truly 'interesting.' We tested a lot of recipes and samples but settled on the ones we did because it gives everyone a chance to have an experience they'll share and remember."

Naturally the campaign is well integrated with social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Places and Foursquare, which include live video feeds, a location tracking map, recipes and a Facebook photo opportunity with the branded truck.

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