Dr Pepper: Tongue Tied Peas

Ads for the 2011 Super Bowl sold out in record time last year, despite their recession busting price tag of between $2.8M- $3M for 30 seconds of air time.

Many of the usual suspects are present- Pepsi, Hyundai, Audi, GoDaddy.com, Frito-Lay, E-Trade Financial, InBev and Kia to name a mere handful.

One of the newest ads to drop pre-event comes courtesy of Dr Pepper, which sees the soft drinks brand building on its musical endorsement campaign from last year with rock band KISS by teaming up with another musical ambassador.

This time its the turn of singer Fergie to extol the virtue of Cherry Dr Pepper  as she downs a can of the soft drink in one go only to produce a Cherry stem from her mouth that she has tied in a knot with her tongue. (The trick was originally in David Lynch’s bizarre '90s TV show Twin Peaks by actress Sherilyn Fenn).

It’s naturally all very suggestive, but there’s also something specifically alien about the way the Black Eyed Peas singer throws her head back and chugs down the entire can in mere seconds. It’s reminiscent of the original series of alien soap opera V, in which the true alien threat is revealed in the cult scene where a women throws back her head to eat a rat.

It’s an ad designed to cater directly for the predominantly male audience, and to this effect it works well for the brand. Equally Fergie herself nets a key music sync of her track ‘Here I Come’ in the ad, pushing her music to an audience estimated to be in the region of 106 million TV viewers.

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