Durex: Fortune Teller

We’ve seen a raft of clever uses for the humble vending machine, from smile activated ice cream dispensers to peddle powered drinks machines. Now Durex is utilising the ever-popular vending machine concept in a whole new way to circumnavigate cultural boundaries in Taiwan in order to promote its condoms.

With the use of 121 street teams to give away free samples in Taiwan proving to be fairly ineffective, the brand set about harnessing young peoples obsession with fortune tellers  - a cultural norm for predictions about wealth, health and love - to push its sexual health messaging in a more appealing way.

The condom manufacturer developed  ‘Xerud (yes, that’s Durex backwards) – The Lover’s Fortune Teller’ a completely unbranded vending machine, which offered to predict a users future love life whilst also dispensing a free Durex sample.

The Xerud machines were strategically placed in nightclubs and bars to target Taiwanese youth and by all accounts were a massive success, raising the bar from a paltry street team effort of 23 samples an hour to 77 samples an hour.

The on site activation is being supported by a dedicated digital portal, where you can have your fortune told, and accompanying content on the brand’s Facebook page.

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