Eco friendly billboard ads

Billboard ads are often criticised for blighting the landscape with their gaudy colouring and shouty messages, so it’s refreshing to see a billboard that is attempting to give something back for a change.

Coca-Cola, as part of its ongoing Live Positively sustainability program, has erected a billboard in the Philippines in which the ad message is constructed out of 3,600 small trees.

Each of the tiny Fukien tea plants, which help to form the outline of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, can absorb up to 13 pounds of CO2 a year, literally sucking pollutants out of the atmosphere - 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide to be precise.

The 60ft square billboard promotion in Makati City has been constructed in collaboration with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). This innovative piece of eco friendly design features a complex drip irrigation system and utilises industrial by-products and organic fertilizer with each plant housed in recycled Coca-Cola packaging.

“We are proud that we have brought to life the first plant billboard in the country,“ said Guillermo Aponte, president of Coca-Cola Philippines. “It is an embodiment of our company’s Live Positively commitment to making a positive difference in the world by incorporating sustainability into everything that we do”.

The promotion is a brilliant use of ‘natural technology’. Utilising the clever stuff that surrounds us in nature can often prove more rewarding and deliver a far stronger message than the increasingly disparate and disconnected technology - from Augmented Reality to QR codes - that we have engineered.

In the same way that every brand campaign now requires a digital solution, should they now also require a natural one to offset the tech balance?

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