Enter the mind of the artist

Ballantine’s whiskey is currently running an innovative Facebook promotion as part of its 'Leave an Impression' campaign that transports consumers into the minds of artists and creators.

The Human API campaign utilises Facebook to enable fans of the brand to join in on a series of live streaming events, bringing them up close and personal with a cross section of innovative artists as they work. The interactive Facebook application enables users to log in and watch the artwork unfold in real time as they ‘leave their own impression’, via live comments, on the artist’s work.

The videos are filmed from the artist’s unique point of view, thereby putting the viewer directly into the mind of the creator (hence the term Human API), giving them the opportunity to share his thoughts and influence the outcome of the final artwork.

The whiskey brand recently partnered up with Parisian tattoo artist Karl Marc as he created the first ever QR code enabled tattoo, inviting viewers to interact live as he carefully applied the tattoo and QR marker to his willing victim customer. When completed the tattoo activated a mobile app turning the design into an animation, which produced an opera singing character as if he'd burst through the man's chest.

The campaign also invites people to get inside the heads of Ice sculptor J.A.M.I.E and graffiti artist 4.5 R.P.M.

The social media activation has all the hallmark elements of curated art campaigns we have become accustomed to from brands of late, yet with a clever POV twist reminiscent of films such as Being John Malcovich that turns the viewer into an active collaborator.

The QR code tattoo is also an interesting concept, one that could ensure that your tattoo gets a new lease of life whenever you want via apps technology as opposed to simply ending up as a regrettable faded green blemish.

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