Evil sets up residence in Madrid

Some marketing campaigns can cost an arm and a leg. Then there are those that actually are an arm and a leg.

A new guerrilla promotion for Milla Jovovich’s latest outing in the Resident Evil movie franchise - ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ - in Madrid placed hundreds of dismembered arms in sewer grates, flower beds, window displays, elevator and bus doors, to make it feel like the city was under attack from the undead.

It's a simple, yet effective - if somewhat lifeless - marketing ploy. Although it's not the first time the Resident Evil brand has attempted a promo of this kind.

Last year, to coincide with the release of the Resident Evil 5 video game, people were invited to hunt down various body parts across the streets of London in order to win a trip to Africa (where the game was set). The campaign involved finding as many arms, legs and torsos as possible, then waving them above your head on Westminster Bridge in order to win.

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