Fable III: Location-based gold diggers

I’m a big fan of Lionhead Studio’s Fable gaming franchise and its strong narrative led free roaming world, and I'm among one of the many anticipating the release of the third instalment towards the end of October.

A new marketing campaign rolling out this week looks to build momentum for the release of 'Fable III: Kingmaker' with the introduction of a location based gaming app that doubles as a real world treasure hunt.

The new Kingmaker app enables uses to plant virtual flags via a geo-location based mobile app on behalf of one of two rival sides within the game, the Rebels or the Royals.  Taking its concept from the popular Foursquare platform the amount of check-in flags planted in any one area determines which side has conquered a particular destination.

However, instead of merely acquired major status as in Foursquare, placing flags and acquiring ‘power ups’ via the app nets a user gold coins that can be transferred to the game when it is released later this month. This gold can then be used to acquire various items in-game and customise a player’s character.

“To be able to earn gold you can use in your Fable III game, and to check-in and claim land for your side is brilliant for both Fable III and Xbox 360,” said Lionhead creative director Peter Molyneux.

It’s notably not the first time the franchise has opted for pre-release games, with a number of mini mobile ‘pub games’ positioned prior to the release of Fable II in 2008, which also offered the ability to build up gold. However, a glitch initially enabled users to rack up millions until a patch subsequently removed the gaming goldmine.

“Creating alliances and building up followers is the life-blood of “Fable III”, and I love that we’ve created a mobile equivalent for fans to enjoy,” said Louise Murray, Head of the Fable Franchise, with regards to the new app.

In total the Kingmaker app will roll out across seven European markets, alongside other marketing efforts including homepage takeovers and social media integration.

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