Facebook Jackpot

Jack in the Box, the American fast food chain, really wants to build its Facebook presence. So much so that it’s willing to pay for fans.

The company, which is represented in advertising by its CEO Jack - a giant ping pong ball headed chap in a smart business suit - is running the ‘Be My Rich Fan’ campaign, whereby for every person who 'likes' the brand’s Facebook page it will put a nickel into a giant savings jar. At the end of the promotion one lucky Facebook fan will net the entire contents of the jar.

The jar is displayed prominently on the social media page and updated in real time as each user ads their ‘likes’, with the total currently standing at around $5,215.

It’s a simple campaign, which will no doubt boost the fast food chain’s social media status, and overall awareness levels, considerably over a short period of time. However, there is a downside with blatant digital stunts such as this, and that is that the brand isn’t actually gaining users who are engaged with (and genuinely ‘like’) the company, merely those who want the chance to gain a cash prize. Social media is about making and sustaining connections, and many brands have simply moved the concept of email harvesting into the social space as opposed to forging meaningful connections.

Either way the brand nets a new audience and has the chance to push new messages across a far wider social spectrum than before. Knowing the brand’s history of innovative and humorous ads – such as the 2009 Superbowl 'Hang In There Jack' commercial which effectively killed off the company’s mock CEO character, leaving him in a digital coma for a month  - this can only be a good thing.

The overall winner of the Facebook promo will be announced on the 10th November and could find themselves $50,000 better off.

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