Feel the burn

Coca-Cola's Burn energy drink is sponsoring Burn Studios, a new creative platform for professional musicians set to launch next year. The venture  consists of a free to use online virtual studio enabling DJs and producers to access expensive music software. Producers Richie Hawtin and Cassius are currently acting as Ambassadors for the program.

"Brands and music usually don't understand each other. But we were very clear that this had to be a long-term project and we set very clear guidelines so we don't fall into the usual traps," said Bobby Simms, of Exploding Plastic, the company developing Burn Studio. "We are not giving music for free, we are giving access to creativity for free".

Burn is taking a leaf from its main competitor Red Bull's book - the brand has a strong and developed heritage as a patron of music creation via its Red Bull Music Academy. Becoming the conduit between the artist and the development of their content  requires genuine commitment from a brand. The ROI is far from immediate, but the opportunity for word of mouth credibility in the music space is vast for those with the stamina (and energy) to play the long game.

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