The Fiat 500 'gets ready' with music

The Italian auto manufacturer has created a showpiece music video, entitled ‘Get Ready,’ to highlight the anticipation behind the release of their new 2012 Fiat 500 range.

The music video itself, which runs to almost three minutes, features a montage of people going about their daily routine juxtaposed against imagery of the vehicles being constructed in the factory.  The idea being that they are getting ready to meet their 500 as the 500 gets ready to meet them.

The musical accompaniment creates a similar meld of two stories, infusing the popular refrain of Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major with an electronic dance remix, courtesy of Los Angeles-based trio The Glitch Mob, with help from our friends over at Massive Music.

The Glitch Mob themselves are no stranger to placement, having had work from their ‘Drink The Sea’ album featured in a number of popular US TV shows (CSI, Damages, Americas Got Talent), major film releases (Tim Burtons 9 and the upcoming Captain America) as well as a previous ad sync for sports camera company GoPro.

As for Fiat, the brand has made a major commitment to music as part of a long-term strategy, from working collaboratively with artists such as Faithless, to enabling shared playlists on Spotify (also for the 500), right through to advertiser funded programming such as EVO Music Rooms.

It’s all a far cry from old style automotive adverts that utilised music merely as a glossy veneer to an otherwise unconnected campaign.  However, with auto brands building music in as an integral part of their overall proposition it now lets them enjoy the luxury of a simple music sync every now and again, and this one - with it’s twist on a classical track - is rather special.

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