Fiat's hunt for 'Eco Fashionistas'

Bicycle helmets are not cool. They are at best tolerable and at worst street-cred kryptonite – sure to ruin even the most stylish attire.  In recognition of this, automotive brand Fiat has teamed up with Vogue Italy to challenge the Shicon creative community to come up with designs for stylish bike-wear.

The “Eco Fashionista” challenge is part of Fiat’s commitment to being ‘the most environmentally friendly and innovative brand’ in Europe and coincides with the launch of the Fiat 500 Twinair two-cylinder 85 HP engine, which reduces emissions by up to 30% and saves fuel.

That doesn’t really explain why Fiat is coming up with cycle helmet designs. Well, it seems that as part of the brand’s bid to become more eco-friendly, it is (somewhat bizarrely) encouraging people to drive less. It has partnered with Compagnia Ducale to create the Bici 500 – a fold-up bicycle designed to fit into the boot of a Fiat 500. In order to ride said bike safely, cyclists need to wear a helmet, something that is soon to be mandatory in Italy.

The only stipulation is that the designs include the Fiat 500 and “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” logos. Entries must be submitted by the 23rd August. The winning designer will be announced at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out event on 9th September in Milan. They will be awarded a EUR2000 and the chance to have their designs displayed in showrooms  and sold as part of a limited edition. All proceeds will go to an environmental charity.

Here are some of the designs that have been submitted so far:

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Fiat is no stranger to crowdsourcing. In fact, the automotive brand challenged conventional car-making wisdom last year in Brazil by crowdsourcing an entire car in a project called Fiat Mio (My Fiat).

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