Ford: Read my lips

Ford, in order to draw attention to its new 2011 Edge My Ford Touch in-car technology, turned a shop facade into a giant street level interactive game board.

On approaching the storefront display pedestrians were greeted by a giant pair of lips and a touch screen interface inviting them to get interactive with the on screen display.

The game is simple a one, but with the product's core feature at the heart of the execution, with players having to catch various phrases as the spout from the huge female mouth. Each of these phrases represents one of the 10,000 voice and touch commands that the new in car technology can understand.

Players could opt to have their initials added to leader board on completion of the gesture-based motion tracking game. You can see a video of the installation in action here.

The cutting edge displays, created by Monster Media – specialists in ‘storefront body responsive advertising’ - where strategically placed in a number of prime US markets, including: New York, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

With all the focus on Microsoft’s Kinect add on for the Xbox 360 as it launched this week, there is probably room for a resurgence in out of home gesture based gameplay advertising, as consumers become increasingly accustomed to gaming without a controller.

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