Ford says ‘bite me’ to Volvo

What is it with vampires these days and transport? Whatever happened to the simple ‘turning into a bat’ way of getting about?

First it was Volvo positioning its sturdy and somewhat un-youthful vehicles as the essential transportation of any Twi-Hard fan. Now it’s the turn of Ford, who are joining the auto ad blood lust and extolling their latest models as the most road worthy to a new generation of wannabe vampires.

Ford has entered into a partnership with the upcoming second series of the Vampire Diaries (due to hit TV screens in October) which will include – much like the Twilight/Volvo hybrid – a direct product placement of the 2011 Ford Fiesta, one of the brand’s entry level vehicles.

However, October is a long way off and the social media element of the campaign has kicked of in earnest, with a new CW (the network behind the show) ad inviting people to “compel” their Facebook/Twitter friends to both watch the new series and enter a competition to win a “vamped out” 2011 Ford Fiesta.

The social media campaign continues post the show debut with a behind the scenes question and answer session, enabling fans to watch videos sponsored by the brand.

"We don't just want it to be seen," said Jeff Eggen, Ford's car experiential marketing manager. The concept here is to ramp up interest and awareness of the placement pre-airing by creating opportunities where Ford  “can engage with the fans outside of the show with additional content".

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