FRUKT Artist Showcase - Meaghan Smith

Following on in our regular showcase of musical talent, the FRUKT offices recently resounded to the dulcet tones of Canadian singer/songwriter Meaghan Smith, winner of Best New Artist at the much-coveted Juno Awards in 2011.

Meaghan says she was born singing, having grown up in a family of musicians, and cites her lack of cable TV and addiction to old musicals that evoke simpler, purer times as part of her early inspiration.

Playing songs from her new EP, The Cricket’s Quartet, the talented performer brought a welcome respite to a hectic day in the life of a busy London agency.

FRUKT’s very own Macey Ho even stepped up to join Meaghan for an impromptu bit of omnichord action to round off yet another intimate and rewarding artist showcase.

Keep your eyes out for more upcoming artist events and perhaps you can come down and join us next time.

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