FRUKT Book Club

FRUKT's inaugural Book Club met yesterday lunchtime to ponder over Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning and modern classic 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

Things were kicked off in true FRUKT style – in the happy medium of a quiz! Did you know Harper Lee based the character Dill, on her childhood friend Truman Capote? Or that popular 1990’s English alternative rock band The Boo Radleys were named after the misunderstood character of the same name?

The conversation moved on to how Lee successfully navigated a challenging topic through the eyes of its young narrator Scout Finch. Discussing the role of Atticus Finch as paternal moral educator with a duty to serve the true Mockingbird of the story (whilst at the same time fighting discontent from the Maycomb County natives) reflected the general consensus that he was indeed our favourite character.

We’ll be following this great start to Book Club next month with 'A Million Little Pieces' by James Frey. Get your FRUKT noses stuck in book worms.

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