FRUKT explores Jakarta

Leaving behind the rainy summer skies of London, a couple of the FRUKT gang headed to Jakarta last week for a client workshop and to learn more about the thriving cultural metropolis.

After a good 24 hours of traveling we arrived and headed to meet our clients in the trendy district of Kamang. The traffic was as chaotic and congested as we’d been warned, but we made it in one piece.

The area we stayed in was a fascinating mixture of older residential buildings and market stalls, new hotels and apartment blocks and a thriving community of independent shops and art galleries. The wonderful Aksara had one of the best selections of design books I’ve ever seen and its sister shop Monka Magic was a vinyl only record store where we picked up some very rare 80s Japanese LPs!

Before we headed back we decided to explore the old city and visit the legendary colonial haunt of Cafe Batavia. The market outside was buzzing with energy, the smell of street food was everywhere and we got the rare treat of seeing a full Gamelan orchestra playing as the sun went down.

Indonesia is a market with such huge potential, with a population growing in affluence and a capital as vibrant as Jakarta we think there’s lots more opportunities out there to explore and will definitely be back soon.

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