FRUKT Film Night

Last week FRUKT held its inaugural Film Night event at our Clerkenwell HQ, the first in a series of monthly film screenings.

Designed as a celebration of cinema on a very intimate level, this isn’t an arty showcase of celluloid masterpieces this is a very personal look at films that we hold dear.

From cult classics to guilty pleasures, we’ll be screening the films that we are passionate about, and whether its ‘The Seventh Seal’ or ‘Teen Wolf’ we are making sure cinematic snobbery is left at the door.

First out of the box, courtesy of our Art Director, was 1991 Ridley Scott chick flick ‘Thelma and Louise’, the story of two women hurling themselves lemming like into the Grand Canyon over Brad Pitt (or something along those lines, anyway).

At the end of the month we are screening German time-shifting crime caper ‘Run Lola Run’, the choice of account director Lynne. Come join us if you can. We promise to share the popcorn.

29.02.2012 - 6pm to late

Drop us a line if you’re thinking of coming along.

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