FRUKT at the Futureproof conference

FRUKT were in Liverpool for the Futureproof conference on Tuesday. Organised by the good people at Liverpool Soundcity, and set in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle – where the coffee shops and warehouse are buzzing with ideas, energy and hopeful startups -  Futureproof aimed to bring these people together, and help promote the digital and gaming industries in the North West of England.
Skylabs founder and Bafta winning Nigel Collier gave the opening address encouraging young hopefuls to think big and get ready for a journey full of highs and lows. During the day there were workshops and one to one sessions in the cosy Camp and Furnace venue, before Miles Jacobson closed the conference regaling the audience with mind boggling stats about the success of Football manager, Sports Interactive's flagship game. Who knew that they have so much data on players and clubs that premiership teams actually uses Football Manager as a service?
What's for sure is that the north has some great creative talent and exciting potential and, in the words of Miles Jacobson 'gamin will become the pre-eminient force in the entertainment industry'.
Thanks for having us there.
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