FRUKT: International Live Music Conference

FRUKT will once again be teaming up with the cream of the live music industry to host a panel at the invite-only International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in London.

The event, held at the five star Royal Garden Hotel in West London from 9-11th March, will see FRUKT chairing a panel that seeks to shed some light on the real relationship between brands, promoters - and most importantly – paying fans.

The panel – hosted by FRUKT Group Account Director, Jim Robinson - will showcase the views of a variety of industry experts, including Kilimanjaro Live CEO, Stuart Galbraith, Sports Vision MD, Jeremy Paterson and Vodafone Sponsorship Manager, Freddie Griffiths-Jones.

However, this year the panel is also giving the floor over to three student festival goers, in the hope of understanding and developing meaningful collaborations where everyone can benefit – from those directly involved with the production and sponsorship to those experiencing live events first hand.

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