FRUKT Interview: Wild Swim

Wild Swim are headlining THE FIX at The Social on June 3rd and we can’t wait to hear one of the best new bands around live. The Oxford quartet make a beautifully ambitious, grand sound and have supported the likes of Warpaint and Nadine Shah already this year.

Ahead of the show down The Social, we met Carlos Posada from the band, and he’s also compiled us a special Spotify playlist.

For those new to the band, how would you describe the Wild Swim sound?
The band's sound has always been eclectic, and has been influenced by artists including Grizzly Bear, Massive Attack, Nathan Fake and everything in between. With the new material we've been working on (a lot of which we'll be playing at the gig down The Social) we've tried to give the band a more cohesive sound, but at the same time maintain the diversity that we've always had. 

It's been a little while since last single 'New Dawn' was released but there's been a few teasers of late of new songs – are you gearing up for a busy summer?
We're still working on new material and will be going back into the studio over the summer, so it'll be another fairly quiet one for us. It's really important for us to get the new songs just right, and with one band member still left to finish university, we didn't want to rush anything. We've got big plans for the new music, and hope to release something towards the end of the year. 

You've been pulling some great remixes out the bag, for the likes of Rainer, Bear Hands and Lolo, which often go in a very different direction to your own material. How do you find reworking other people's music and any new reworks coming up?
Remixes have always been great fun, particularly this year when we've been writing so much, it's been nice to take a break from our own music to work on someone else's. It's always interesting to see how other people write and record, and then to turn the whole thing on its head and spotlight something they only ever intended to be in the background. Remixes can also put the band's name in circles that our own music might not, so they often give us the opportunity to indirectly cast our net a little wider. As for the future, we do have some more remixes coming up and are looking forward to the new collabs.

Can you tell us about the tracks on your Spotify playlist (below) you've made us, and highlight a couple of particular favourites?
We're really good at showing each other new music and are constantly in communication over new findings, whether they be current bands we're all discovering for the first time like Hiatus Kaiyote or brilliant tracks from old favourites that we haven't all been exposed to yet, like the brilliant DFA remix of Arthur Russell. This track list pinpoints nicely where our individual and collective musical interests lie right now and is a characteristically disparate blend of the old and the new, the acoustic and the electronic. We gather music from many places, but in particular I think we'd all unanimously recommend the Late Junction show on Radio 3 at 11pm as a great source of brilliant music from across the globe, showcasing artists that might otherwise have slipped under the radar.


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