FRUKT at the Mobile World Congress

With Apple glaringly absent once again, the stage was set for the other 'big players' to stake their claims to mobile supremacy at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Google's Eric Schmidt said he believed that before too long their could be 'an Android in every pocket'; Facebook's Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor talked about building a 'mobile web' app store to rival Apple's; Samsung were showing off their impressive new notebook, and it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE in the future.

But aside from the handsets, big announcements, meetings, free sweets and Jamon there was also some neat stuff to see. Too much to summarise so here's a few we've picked out

1. Duracell Powermat - this wireless recharging technology could be the saviour of pithy smartphone batteries. Planned to launch in Europe in 2013, the Powermat could be big.

2. Geek Squad - Locked and Found - there was a big focus on location based mobile technology this year and here's a great application of it. If you loose your tablet or smart phone Locked&Found enables users to lock, locate and recover their gadget, as well as providing a way for a finder to return the gadget to the user.

3. The Cotton Candy - Android on a stick. This is a super powerful computer in a tiny memory stick that allows you to access Android OS on any device that supports USB storage. Now you see what Mr Schmidt was talking about when he said that Android could be in every pocket.

Thanks to MWC for organising a great show and see you in 2013.

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