FRUKT Nights - GirlWalk Premiere

Kickstarting creative projects

Last Thursday night saw the World Premiere of Girlwalk, a 70 Minute long music video supporting the launch of a new mix album from mash-up DJ, Girl Talk.

The entire film was funded through pledges via Kickstarter where the goal was to raise around $5,000 to cover costs. However, the project actually ended up with almost $25,000 in total to bring it to life in style. Pledgers were eligible for a variety of gifts and rewards for supporting the project and one of those was to attend the premiere in the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, New York.

The huge hall was packed with perhaps a couple of thousand people and the atmosphere was buzzing. A stand up, dancing movie premiere. A nicely put together film, shot in New York so lots of local references to be ‘whooped’ at, bursting with energy and an underlying thought of this being the ‘Fame’ or ‘West Side Story’ of now probably crept through more than just my tiny mind.

Great to see music, film and creativity coming together with such great energy, purely through the donations of fans. Hats off to the team that made it happen and hats off to Kickstarter. Not sure how engaging it’ll be if you were to watch it without being surrounded by a crowd though…

Watch the official trailer here and check out an interview with the Director here.

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