FRUKT Nights: Jameson Cult Film Club

People like films - so much so that in the UK alone film watching is nearly a billion pound industry. Jameson clearly know this, as they have tapped into our love of eating popcorn with the creation of their latest entertainment platform: Jameson Cult Film Club. FRUKT pulled up a seat to check it out first hand...

The proposition itself is simple enough: target a clutch of iconic movies, provide a bit of a brand experience and send everyone home, hopefully, happy.

Set within the majesty of the Union Chapel, it was the turn of the Blair Witch Project on this particular night, tapping into an apt Halloween theme. A warm welcome with free entry was complemented by a spot of pre-screening theatre, not to mention free drinks, popcorn and hot dogs and an all-important late night bar open until the early hours.

There's more on the horizon too - with some great films lined up, which obviously is the key draw. Add to this a pop up, Soho-based Jameson Bar - which generated some nice London coverage and 9,000 Facebook likes and counting - and it's clear that a well put together brand experience can leave a pretty good taste in the mouth.

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