FRUKT Nights: Levi's Craft of Music

FRUKT were at the Levis store on Regent St on Wednesday 26th October for the first of a series of ‘Origins’ gigs, as part of the Levi’s Craft of Music Campaign.

Over three nights six unsigned bands (selected by CLASH) played in the Levi’s flagship store.  Fans have the opportunity to listen and vote for their two favorite bands. The two bands with the most votes get to support Primal Scream for their hotly anticipated gig at the Electric in Brixton on November 30th. So lots to play for.

Wednesday 26th saw Nedry and Swimming take to the stage. Nedry - a three-piece electronic, instrument, rock, dance collision - stepped up first playing a tight set of Bjorkian vocal melodies layered over dub step base lines and rhythms.  Swimming, ‘an original musical outfit from Nottingham’, played a confident set that got crowd tapping their feet Swimming’s second album, ‘Ecsatics International’, is due for release on this 30th October – Halloween

The event continued on Wednesday and Thursday, with Dry the River and Let’s Buy Happiness, Visions of Trees and Worship all battling it out.  You can vote for the bands you want to see at the Levi’s website and don’t miss the special gig on 30th November in Brixton.

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