FRUKT Nights: Smirnoff D*faced

Last night at the legendary Wilton's Music Hall, deep in East London, Smirnoff had an intimate and secretive get together.

The great and the good of the street art world (including a couple of the FRUKT gang) were invited to witness a collaboration between the brand and the artist D*Face. There was lots of hushed whispers as everyone was ushered into the bar to wait - cocktails flowed and mysterious people in boiler suits and hard hats popped in and out of sight.

Eventually we were led into the main music hall and presented with a giant concrete block - inside four people on a production line were creating concrete cast Smirnoff bottles, each individually stenciled - a unique piece of artwork, created in real time in front of the audience. As each bottle was finished a security guard and a mysterious quality control officer would take them off for inspection and storage.

Towards the end of the night we were invited to pick-up a piece to take home, an inevitable scrum ensued, which only added to the atmosphere.

An interesting experiment, very high involvement and definitely a way to create a unique brand experience and artifacts. Perhaps not very accessible for the average Smirnoff consumer, but this was definitely an influencer program - a more niche and 'arty' version of their nightlife exchange platform. Rumour has it that similar events will be happening in other cities across the next few months - watch this space.

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