FRUKT at the SeeMe 7 Conference

What is SeeMe 7?

SeeMe 7 is an annual music conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria, that is now into its seventh year. It provides an opportunity for brands and music industry representatives to “Meet, Connect and Unite for Music” not just in Bulgaria, but across the region. 

Over the three days, the conference covered off a broad range of subject matter: rights management, social media and PR strategies for the music industry, the power of video content-based story telling, brands and music partnerships, music production, as well as providing A&R support through its panel-based, listening sessions. 

Why were FRUKT there?

FRUKT were honoured to be invited by its organisers, United Partners, to talk about the partnership opportunity between brands and music. Our presentation focused on the need for brands, artists and content / rights owners to look beyond just sponsorships and cold hard cash - and to identify a value exchange where both sides can realise wider non-monetary benefits. 

Any themes? 

The presentation seemed to generate a lot of debate and and highlighted the need for there to be greater communication and understanding between brands and the creative sector in Bulgaria. 

Interestingly, this became apparent during a panel session where representatives from some of Bulgaria’s biggest companies, brands and distributors listened to individual creative partner proposals. In many cases, the creative idea was not the problem - rather how it was packaged up, communicated and sold-in, was. 

It’s an exciting challenge, because rather than there being a shortage of potential, the conference highlighted the need for both parties to work a bit closer together and to educate each other on how to make a partnership work. In other words, to get artists or content owners thinking like a brand and brands thinking creatively like an artist. It feels that once this (pretty easily rectified) challenge has been tackled then there is plenty of scope for partnerships to realise their potential - for brand and music industry alike. 

Other good stuff

Other mentions should go to Paris Chlidress, from Google Bulgaria who delivered a great presentation on how video content enhances storytelling, whilst fellow UK representatives Richard Marshall (United Agency) and Nikki McNeil (Global Publicity) delivered solid, practical presentations on how the music industry can amplify its message through social media, online tools, community management and online PR. 

In addition to this, running through the whole conference was a focus on sustainability initiatives in and through music. EE Music, founded by Jacob Bilabel, supports music events and venues in saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. It also operates as a think tank providing all the support, tools and guidance for music partners that want to establish a greener footprint in the industry. A great initiative and an example of someone, who comes from a music industry background, giving something back. 

Plus there was a whole program of night time activity that showcased Sofia as a truly buzzing, 24 hour city. There’s a strong underground electronic music and burgeoning arts and cultural scene here. It feels very much like a city that’s confident, in-tune and expanding quickly. 

Some thank you's

Maria and all the team at United Partners proved to be truly amazing hosts and their passion and drive is of huge inspiration. It feels only right that this festival should continue and go from strength to strength and we hope that next year we see, See Me8 being held in Sofia. 

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