FRUKT Ski Trip 2012

At FRUKT we have a little thing called FUNTRONIX - a team that organises a bunch of activities throughout the year so we can all let loose and have some fun. One of which is the annual FRUKT ski trip.

So last week some of us headed to the valleys of the Grand Massif in France to tear up the slopes. We had 5 days of unbroken sunshine, skiing in t-shirts and demi's on deck chairs. Les Carroz didn't have much to offer in the way of  night life - one bar and Club 74 - which meant for a fairly committed ski holiday as opposed to drunken antics in the mountains.

Jaeger bombs were replaced by delicious cuts of cote-de-boueuf and the apres-ski by a deep sweat in the sauna, although a few of us did make it into the cavernous depths of club 74 on saturday night.

Determined not to miss out, those left in the office quite rightly de-camped to the Wilmington arms for a sozzled session in the sun on Friday afternoon. All in all everyone got to have some fun in the spring time sun!

Bring on the FUNTRONIX Summer trip...

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