FRUKT Talks: brands plug into music

FRUKT ventured up to Newcastle last week, to join our good friends at Generator, the UK’s leading Music Development Agency, to discuss the role of brand partnerships in the music business at their Plugged In seminar.

Chris Graves and Macey Ho - from FRUKT Fixers, our expert Talent and Rights team – joined an open panel discussion focused on developing mutually beneficial agreements between artists and sponsors, looking at how publishers promoters, managers and artists can position themselves to be more attractive to brands.

Associations between products and music are growing. With endorsements now requiring more than a soundtrack for an advert, these partnerships go far beyond synchronisation deals. To illustrate this more rounded approach by brands, Chris presented a case study looking at Heineken’s recent contra deal with Asteroids Galaxy Tour from a rights perspective, while Macey underlined the broader use of music by Topman and Kronenbourg.

While the event was focused on the North East, the issues and opportunities that face rights holder are the same across the country. Key takeouts included the need for a more robust and considered use of social media platforms, plus the requirement to build stronger networks and increase ‘small’ wins’.

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