TED X, the independently organised TED events, hosted a day of inspiring talks based around Democracy last Friday at the Houses of Parliament.

Now we don't work in politics but democracy tends to transcend most aspects of life, and there were many interesting parallels to how we like to think and act here at FRUKT. From the legendary Senegalese singer and activist Baaba Maal, to the activist Naomi Colvin (pictured) who set up the Occupy movement in London, to digital media innovator Mike Saunders, there were two resounding messages we took away:

Ideas - push the boundaries. Think big. Anything is possible.
Action - just do it. As an individual or in a team. Believe in your ability to achieve and make things happen. Take the lead and don't be afraid.

This may all sound like regurgitated cliches but they still ring true and making good ideas happen is what FRUKT is all about.

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