FX: Horror House Call

Have you ever wanted to star in your own mini horror movie? Well now you can enjoy a moment of heart pounding, pant wetting fear and share it with all your friends (and the majority of Internet users) in a new promotion from the generous people over at channel FX.

In order to promote its upcoming slice of gothic horror TV programming, entitled ‘American Horror Story’ – a new creation from Ryan Murphy and Brad Galchu , the team behind Nip/Tuck and Glee – FX has developed ‘House Call’, a new viral campaign which scares people in everyday settings half to death.

Envisioned as a form of Candid Camera from the dark side, the premise is incredibly simple. Visitors to the House Call website enter details about what really scares them and the name of a friend or family member who will help to plot their moment of unbridled terror. Then, when they least expect it, they will be confronted by one of the characters from the new show in the most mundane of settings.

The majority of the viral clips uploaded so far show various people suddenly coming face to face with a man in a full body black gimp suit, popping up silently behind them in the bathroom or out of a cardboard box.

Not only is it a great teaser campaign for the show, seeding the ‘Man in black’ into our consciousness as a character that could enter our lives at any moment, it also highlights how a primary emotion like fear can be harnessed as entertainment by brands. Playstation’s deeply unsettling slice of immersive theatre, in association with Punchdrunk, for the release of the videogame Resistance 3, is another case in point. People like to be scared, and the high from that initial moment of panic is something that will stay with them for a very long time.

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