Game on: Immersive projection mapping

If you’re attempting to promote a new product that you’ve dubbed “the most powerful 18” laptop in the universe”, and your target market is die-hard online gamers, then what better way to do this than immersing them in an actual alien encounter.

This is exactly what Dell managed to achieve in their Area 52 campaign, part of a promotion aimed at highlighting the graphical abilities of its Alienware processing power in Australia, with a clever mash up of projection mapping technology and live action.

Taking its audience into a deserted and smoke filled room containing just an airstream trailer, the brand spun a visual tale of an alien invasion, compete with high definition space travel, emerging alien limbs and a full on live action battle against the army.

We’ve been fairly dismissive of the recent spat of lacklustre projection mapping campaigns, mainly due to the fact that we believe the medium has so much more to offer than a short film broadcast onto the side of a building.  This campaign is evidence that the fad for projection mapping is turning a creative corner, and that’s something we are very excited about.

Dell's campaign showcases what can be achieved when digital and physical media are interlinked with a cohesive and engaging storyline.  Used well, projection mapping has the ability to totally transport a viewer into another world. It doesn’t have to be restricted to science fiction either, it just has to be somewhere else, somewhere convincing, exciting and tangible.

There is a huge opportunity here for a brand to step in and develop a hybrid of immersive theatre and projection mapping and we watch this space with somewhat baited breath to see the mapping craze that begun last year uncover its full entertainment potential.

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