Gap: Recycle Your Blues

Gap is pushing a new video ad across social media channels in order to highlight its latest act of social responsibility.  The new commercial shows a series of Gap jeans wearers as their jeans curl up and turn into denim houses.

The seemingly bizarre video forms part of the fashion retailer’s ‘Recycle Your Blues’ campaign, which invites jeans owners to recycle their unwanted denim at over 1,000 Gap stores in the US and Canada. The collected denim will then be converted into UltraTouch Denim Insulation and used to benefit homes in underserved communities as well as other special projects.

In addition to the goodwill aspect of the promotion Gap is also offering an added incentive to drive sales, with a 30% discount off any new 1969 jeans purchase in store.  There’s also an exclusive deal of 40% off for those making purchases via the brand’s Facebook page.

It’s an interesting campaign that comes at a time when the brand has unveiled a brand new logo to what seems to be considerable distain, with numerous unfavourable comments appearing online.

“Gap has dropped its iconic logo in favour of something that looks like it cost $17 from an old Microsoft Word clipart gallery,” said one reviewer.

The question now is whether the retailer – in the face of open criticism – will chose to recycle its old logo, in order to insulate the brand against a pubic backlash and retain a warm feeling with consumers.

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