Give blood. Get fashion.

With Amsterdam International Fashion Week wrapping up last week one particular project caught our eye. The Red Rail collection brings together a unique set of eighteen Dutch designers - including Claes Iversen and Angelika Groenendijk Wasylewski from Young Designers United- to create a series of bespoke garments.

However some input is required from those who are eager to get their hands on these items.

A whole armful in fact.

In order to win one of these personally tailored items you will need to enter a lottery, but that's not all - you will also need to donate blood.

The question is whether the more emaciated Fashionistas out there can actually afford to lose a pint of red to net an exclusive dress for Spring/Summer 2011.

The campaign is a drive to find a new generation of blood donors. But why stop at fashion? Blood donation could spread to other forms of entertainment rewards such as music downloads, exclusive live events, free cinema tickets.   Ultimately a form of rolling rewards would help to engage a younger audience and encourage repeat visits.

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