Global nightlife swap shop

Vodka brand Smirnoff has unveiled its latest global campaign 'The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project', a new initiative that will see the brand working alongside respected curators in 14 countries to discover and celebrate the best elements of their country's nightlife.

Each country will enable residents to vote via a Facebook app as to what  represents their country’s very best nightlife experiences. The resulting choices are then packaged up into a crate and shipped out to another country involved in the project to experience.

The tourism meets pen pal promotion culminates in a grand inter city swap shop on 27th November.

The idea is part of the brand’s overriding ‘Be There’ campaign, which focuses in on experience led socialising. A competition element kicks off tomorrow enabling winners to travel VIP style to the unveiling of their country’s crate. They will also receive plenty of Smirnoff goodies along the way.

This campaign turns the concept of nightlife into a crowdsourced entertainment tourism guide, like a world cup of the best nights out, cleverly distilled by Smirnoff.

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