Grammy Awards: the world is still listening


The Grammy Awards, which netted its second largest TV audience share since 1993 (at 28.1 million) on Sunday night, has come a long way since its debut in the 1950s, with social and technological change evolving the music business at a rapid pace. However, music - and exclusive, had-to-be-there, music moments - still prove to be as massive a draw for passionate fans as they ever were.

In fact (according to a Grammys site poll) a sizeable 54% said they loved the music performances most during the awards, comparable to a mere 11% who cited watching the award recipients and a paltry 5% who focused in on the red carpet arrivals as their Grammy highlights.

That said, technology has certainly augmented the experience for fans, with ‘second screen’ activity buzzing during the event, notching up over 13.2 million tweets during the broadcast.  A whopping 1.6 million mentioning Rihanna alone and 116K tweets per minute during the win for best rap collaboration.

Brands, as ever, were out in force looking to capitalise on this highly engaged audience, embracing the ‘always on' music fan during the ad breaks and across social media.

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