Graphic Cinema: fusing design and film reviews

When he’s not creating beautiful design collateral for FRUKT clients, senior designer Mark Gamble spends the majority of his limited downtime on the edge of his seat in a darkened room, as he soaks up all things celluloid at his local cinema. His innate love of film is well established within FRUKT, and his passionate post weekend analysis of recently watched blockbusters and independent releases can often be heard resonating across our office. So much so, he should probably come with a spoiler warning.

Now, taking his musings beyond our kitchen table, Mark is fusing together his dual passion for design and movies with a dedicated blog, where he will not only be dissecting the mise-en-scène of the most recent releases, but also creating a graphically reworked version of the film's poster in his own inimitable style.

Check out the blog Lets Kiss to Make it Real' (a knowing nod to 2005 film ‘Me And You and Everyone We Know’) for exclusive artwork and highly personal reviews of Spring Breakers, Oblivion, and the reimagined gorefest that is Evil Dead.



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