Halo reaches for the stars

The people behind the long-running Halo gaming franchise have entered into an endorsement pact with a robot.  What’s new there you say? Lots of other brand endorsers approach their partnerships in a robotic, monotone way.

The difference here is that rather then a wooden music or movie celebrity Microsoft has signed up a Kuka Robot Arm – normally seen constructing cars in factories - to work its new digital promotion.

The new Halo Reach title depicts the ultimate demise of one of the game’s last human colonies in one last iconic button mashing battle.

The robot is wired up to a “refrigerator sized computer” and a rather clever piece of technological kit that enables it to plot 54,000 different points of light based on user requests in order to a create a virtual monument to the game's fallen heroes.

All this happens in real time as users plot their own chosen point of light via Facebook. The entire monument is anticipated to be completed prior to the games’ launch on 14th September.

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