Head: Urban Tennis

With all the attention currently focused on whether England will crash out of the World Cup today it’s easy to forget about the UK’s usual annual sporting turmoil – Wimbledon.

Sportswear manufacturer Head has created a viral campaign – utilising the well-mined Internet meme of manipulated bouncing balls - to promote its Andy Murray endorsement which surrounds the event. The tennis star can be seen casually walking the streets of London hitting balls into bins in overly complicated ways and creating the Head logo from perfectly targeted paint covered tennis balls.

The song featured in the viral is also available to download for free via the Head website.

Yes, the controlled ball viral is almost as overused as the ubiquitous flash mob when it comes to viral traction but Head still manages to make this ad work. It is ultimately pushing the ability of the racket - and the viral does focus in on the actual product. It’s not reinventing the viral wheel, however, by giving this ad an urban gaming feel and positioning it so casually there is a gentle warmth to the campaign which makes it feel accessible.    Wimbledon is all about iconic traditional moments  (strawberries and cream, rain, etc) so utilising an established viral medium in some way fits snugly into that safe haven.

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