Heineken: Light up the Night

Heineken is embarking on a series of ‘open design explorations’, which will see upcoming young designers tasked with creating a new visionary nightlife environment.

Teams of designers will be selected via a series of talent nights held in major design and nightlife hubs across Asia, Europe, USA and Latin America, in order to participate in the ‘light up the night’ project that kicks off in June.

The selected applicants will then be partnered up with world-class designers (including Luc Schurgers, founder of the Mini Vegas studio) and sent out to study social interaction in clubs across the globe in order to pinpoint what makes a unique nightlife experience.

Each team will then work on developing a separate part of a new ‘pop-up club’ - from architecture to more experiential elements - with the finished venue unveiled in Milan to coincide with Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012.

Designers from Mini Vegas recently developed an interesting interactive mirror for Heineken for the launch of its new STR bottle, which enabled club attendees to create light painting graphics based on their own body movements – a sort of Xbox Kinect style graffiti tool. In addition to the free painting option certain triggers  also activated Heineken animations, such as the iconic star motif.

“With the ‘open design explorations’, we’re kicking off a new approach to design that will see us co-create with emerging design talent and specialized studios to create new, visionary social environments and unexpected concept spaces,” said Mark Van Iterson, Manager Global Heineken Design & Concept.

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