Heineken: Open Your World

Towards the close of 2010 Heineken unveiled some major changes to its positioning across the globe. First, the brand decided to streamline the visual identity of its iconic packaging (with some innovative improvements both on its bottles and cans) as part of an overall redesign  of its product. Secondly, it initiated a new global tagline ‘Open Your World’, moving away from its previous ‘Meet You There’ moniker which had supported the popular 'walk in fridge’ series of adverts.

The Open Your World positioning debuted with a new 90 second commercial entitled ‘The Entrance’, which sees a laid back man entering a hotel lobby and interacting with a variety of quirky characters, ranging from a mock gun battle to shooting a few hoops to engaging in a bizarre Kung Fu martial arts sequence.

The ad was created in Barcelona over the period of a week and utilised the talents of over 100 actors. Each of the core characters within the main commercial also feature in their own short YouTube segments on the brand’s YouTube channel providing some back-story to the quirky guests at the hotel. 'The Entrance' has netted almost 3M views on YouTube already.

One of the notable inclusions in the ad is the music, which comes courtesy of Danish pop group ‘The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’, whose track ‘The Golden Age’ features prominently throughout and at the commercial’s climax when the main character hops up on stage to join them on a flute. The music helps to imbue the ad with the sense of laconic cool that it so richly depicts, whilst also developing content for the actual band. A full three-minute version of the band’s performance – featuring content from the various Heineken videos and stage footage – acts as the music video for the new single.

The ad serves as yet another reminder of the power of a well seeded music element and how simply sound tracking an ad isn’t making the best use of a music alignment. Deeper collaborative work, whereby both parties have something to gain is steadily on the rise. The band (and particularly its lead singer) are visually ad friendly and perfectly matched as brand ambassadors with the target audience of both male and female drinkers. Equally the band also benefits from the heightened PR and awareness whilst also benefiting from the financially outlay provided by the brand for the video shoot.

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