HMV's fashionable move

HMV might not be the first place you’d think to buy an outfit, but the music retailer has announced that it is diversifying into fashion wear, partnering with a number of fashion brands that share its passion for music, including Boxfresh, FLY53, Eastpak, and Lee.

The clothes – predominantly men’s clothing and accessories - will be merchandised in a dedicated in-store division called The Studio, which will also carry related licensed and entertainment products.

The idea is that music lovers everywhere can buy the latest street fashions – often worn by the very bands and artists they are into – when they are in store picking up  CDs, DVDs or games.

In order to celebrate the link between music and fashion, Boxfresh ambassador Kano is to visit a number of stores to do a meet and greet and perform some tracks from his new album.

It’s a really interesting move for HMV – with physical music sales waning, it’s been diversifying its offering, moving into new areas such as cinemas, music venues and ticketing in a bid to become a “broad-based entertainment brand”.

HMV is also exploring link-ups between the fashion brands and the events that they sponsor, ensuring that the relationships are leveraged to their full potential.

Fashion seems like a good fit for music lovers everywhere, but it is unlikely to detract from the decline of its core business. It’s great to see HMV acting as more of a curator of fashion, rather than attempting to launch own-branded street-wear.

This was a mistake that Bic made when it created branded disposable women’s underwear. Burger King similarly decided it was a good idea to create boxer shorts. But perhaps the most bizarre is Kellogg’s foray into hip-hop streetwear. Just no.

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