Holiday Inn: Water Fight

Earlier this year Holiday Inn ran the ‘Stay You’ ad campaign, a people based commercial highlighting various characters doing everyday things, whether it's singing karaoke, to pushing on with a BBQ in the rain.  The overridding message of 'being yourself' was sound tracked by Kyle Andrews with the overtly chirpy song ‘ You Always Make Me Smile’.

So far a fairly normal ad sync.

However, dig a little deeper and it appears that Kyle Andrews is the first signing to Holiday Inn’s own record label ‘StayUMusic’, which enables the brand/band partnership to produce, distribute, promote and share revenue from the song.

Part of this included the funding and creation of Kyle Andrews’ music video for the track, which further pushed the ‘Stay You’ messaging, inviting 4,000 students to partake in the world’s largest water balloon fight.

120,000 biodegradable water balloons later and Holiday Inn has a 353,000 viewer strong viral video under its belt.

It’s a clever extension of the ad sync and one that manages to utilise ‘un-branding’ (Holiday Inn isn’t directly present in the video) to good effect. A making of video is also available via YouTube.

Holiday Inn also apparently plans to use 'You Always Make Me Smile' as its hold music for its reservations calls and ‘wake-up music’ for those who don't trust the alarm clocks in their rooms.

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