Honda’s 3D block party

The big unveil experience is having something of a resurgence in the recession battered automotive sector.

Mere months ago Volkswagen pulled the cover off its new Jetta compact sedan range in New York’s Times Square, with Katy Perry’s turquoise PVC skin-tight dress stealing the show.  Now at the back end of September, once again Times Square is the place to be, this time for the unveiling of the new Honda CR-Z sport hybrid coupe.

The ‘Opposites in Harmony’ event included the first screening of a new 3D commercial for the CR-Z sport hybrid, as the auto brand staged a massive block party.  The event also included a live performance by N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams, gaming stands showcasing Gran Turismo 5 in 3-D (the game features an ad for the new CR-Z), a bevy of models from Maxim magazine (which also features a 3D ad for the car), not to mention the now brand stand essential, silk screen t-shirt printing.

"This 3D experience in Times Square uniquely integrates advertising, gaming, and music into a single, memorable event,” stated Tom Peyton, senior manager of national advertising at Honda America. Honda is pushing non-traditional elements  - including an iPad-enabled brochure for the new vehicle and a 3D website - in a bid to woo younger digitally savvy consumers.

Ads for the vehicle refer to the new coupe as  “a combination only Honda could engineer”, and the 3D play is definitely a spectacle (even if the 3D effect is of the somewhat old fashioned red/blue variety – which hardly screams ‘cutting edge’).

N.E.R.D, much like Katy Perry, manage to net a sponsorship boost for their upcoming album launch on November, with the manufacturer netting an all-important association with innovative and progressive urban crossover music.

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