Honda: Interactive Dream Wall

Honda Australia managed to bring a smile to the trade show floor at this year’s Australian International Motor Show, with an innovative interactive experience that harnessed ‘smile power’. Something we last saw in action on Unilever’s smile activated vending machine.

Developed under the concept that “Dreams come to life when you smile” Honda created an Interactive 'Dream Wall' with facial recognition and emotion-sensing technology that would react to positive facial expressions. Visitors simply stood in front of the 24-plasma screen display and smiled. Once the wall had recognised them  - and worked out their gender and age – it triggered a series of animations, representing their own personal ‘dream’.

“Honda’s happiness has powered ‘X’ amount of dreams” then flashed up on completion of the animated short on an on-screen counter, registering the users experience.

The campaign is part of the brand’s “Clever thinking and joyful design” mantra and made a welcome respite between all the gleaming vehicles and booth girls on display at these kind of events.  Some of the Honda dreams represented highlight the company’s progressive innovation, such as its hybrid technology, the Honda jet and of course Honda’s ever present robot ASIMO.

The software behind this intuitive exhibit also utilises a fairly nifty piece of tech kit, harnessing Fraunhofer technology SHORE (Sophisticated Highspeed Object Recognition Engine) and six concealed cameras to detect information such as gender and age, as well as emotive responses.

In total Honda managed to capture 10,000 dreams via the installation – not to mention a whole heap of visitor data.

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