Honda: your car Bangs

Honda is packing the new Honda Jazz full of rap, hipsters, musclemen and ninjas in its latest ad campaign, as it sets out to test its tag line "fits anything you can imagine".

The 'How much rap can you fit in your car?' ad features Sudanese Internet rap favourite Bangs (Ajak Chol) squeezing into the vehicle alongside a selection of his lady friends. He also finds his way out again in order to treat us to one of his now infamous raps (you ears won't thank you, trust me)

The 'hipster' ad is also worth a look as a bunch of Vampire Weekend look-alikes pack the Jazz with their fixie bikes and laugh at the irony of using Arial as the car manual font.

Honda are asking for other suggestions as to what they should cram in the Jazz next via the somewhat unfortunately titled  'Jazz Packing' website.

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