Hot Wheels for Real stunt drop

Mattel has been busy generating plenty of buzz for its Hot Wheels toy car brand of late as it aims to position the brand as a toy for both kids and grown up kids.

We recently covered the brand’s ‘Secret Race’ projection mapping activation In Sydney, which managed to use the more pioneering elements of depth perception the medium can offer while keeping its core product the focus of the spectacle.

A number of other quirky billboard placements, playing with a sense of scale have sprung up that position actual road traffic as life-size toy cars as giant children overlook them. Others have cleverly turned roads into the product’s daredevil looped track.

Now, however, the brand is going a step further making its relatively static messaging a reality by installing a giant death defying life-size version of its V-Drop track set at the Indianapolis 500.

The ‘Hot Wheels for Real’ stunt is part of a joint sponsored event in conjunction with the iZod apparel brand, which will see a group of stunt drivers attempting to break the current world record for a distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle as they charge down the (302 foot long and 100 foot high) replica toy track.

A additional half hour TV show around the event is scheduled to air on ABC, whilst they are also running a location check-in element and the now requisite Facebook integration we have all come to expect.

Mattel spent $10.1 million to advertise Hot Wheels last year and the new drive sees the brand repositioning away from just kids to an audience of men between 18-34, “an audience that once had a great connection with Hot Wheels,” according to Simon Waldron, VP of marketing for Hot Wheels.

Sometimes big ideas come in small packages.

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