HP unmasks music

Dr. Dre does his very best to look like an old school Cylon in this latest promo for Hewlett Packard’s continuing collaboration with the producer. Either that or that’s a fairly heavy-duty cycling mask.

The ad sees Dre in a cybernetic music studio in the future embedding Beats technology chips into the very heart of HP’s products, while the track ‘Detox’ from the new Album by Dr Dre - which seems to be in perpetual sate of pre-release - runs in the background.

The commercial is part of an ongoing partnership between the musician and the technology company on the HP Envy Laptop – a device that HP refers to as the “first laptop made for music”.  HP’s sell here is that the added Beats enhancement will enable users to hear the music the way the artist intended. This is a clear swipe at Apple’s dominance of the music market and the increasing pressure the brand is putting on laptop manufacturers with the iPad.

In the age of MP3, where sound quality is already diminished, its questionable whether this will lure in the average consumer. However, the creative partnership is one that is at least pushing the accepted boundaries of quality when it comes to entertainment and what it means to endorse a product.

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