Hugo Boss turns heads with interactive film

Hugo Boss has developed an intriguing new digital short film to promote its Just Different fragrance, one that quite literally puts viewers into the headspace of the action.

The reworking of the classic Hugo Boss fragrance is apparently engineered to leave you feeling invigorated, curious and ready to see things differently. In order to highlight this particular postioning for the brand  Hugo Boss is inviting people to take part in a highly stylised digital drama, “the first ever YouTube experience where your head controls the story”.

Utilising innovative real time head-tracking technology viewers control the unfolding narrative by tilting their heads from side to side to select various in movie options.

It’s a cute idea, even if the initial novelty wears off fairly quickly (viewers are given the option to resort to simple keyboard controls). That said the concept does manage to convey the See Things Differently message, whilst also engaging participants with a side scrolling montage of fairly subliminal lifestyle imagery, pushing the brand’s associated values.

The only real criticism is whether the novelty value of tilting your head from side to side sits well with the beautifully filmed imagery and the brands core values? Is this something the protagonist in the film would actually do himself? Sweeping through train stations like a mysterious, debonair spy. Yes. Passing enigmatically through bars adorned with beautiful women. Yes. Running in slow motion through low lit streets past graceful ballroom dancers. Yes. Sitting in front of his laptop shaking his head from side to side? Less likely.

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