Hyundai: projection mapped road trip

Hyundai recently unveiled one of the most innovative examples of 3D projection mapping technology we've seen  to promote its new Accent vehicle.

Showcasing its tag line ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities’ the brand utilised both horizontal and vertical surfaces to develop a truly multi dimensional experience.

Not only that but by attaching a static vehicle to the wall (complete with a walk on part by a human driver) they managed to create the illusion that the car was actually driving through a Tron like world.

The projection mapping gold rush is creating something of a saturated market, and one that is at risk of pandering to technology over ideas. However, it is this clever integration of the visual spectacle with physical product, as displayed by Hyundai, that will transcend this innovative medium into a more powerful from of engagement with consumers.

Projection mapping is ultimately visual theatre and not merely a cinematic experience, and brands that want to have the strongest impact with his technology should seek to build human elements of performance back into the digital mix.

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